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Geisha balls in her ass

The bitch is fucked in all holes with geisha balls and dildos.

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She gives head

Slut's blowjob

My submissive wife sucks me and spreads my cum over her face.


I piss on her catsuit

Wet catsuit

I piss on the bitch's Nylon catsuit.


Sperm on her feet

Ejaculation on her feet

She plays with my cock and does a "ball massage" with her feet.


Her pantyhose for sale

Her pantyhose for a fan

The bitch masturbates in her pantyhose, before sending them to a fan.


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Double sucking

She must suck my cock and a dildo before pleasuring herself.

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I piss on her ass

Pissing on her ass

I just wanted to piss on the bitch's ass.


Bondage slut

Bondage bitch

No comment.


She drinks as a dog


Just drinking water as a dog!


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Walking like a dog

Shamelsse submissive with geisha balls up on her ass and a dildo in her cunt is forced to walk like a dog.

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Forced pussy wank

Can you believe this. Just after I fucked her ass, the bitch told me that she wanted an orgasm! I gave her a vibrating dildo and ordered her to do it herself.


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Anal exploration

The bitch shakes while I begin to explore her butt with the black dildo. Then I fuck her ass with my fingers.


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Anal speculum

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Pissing whore

Wearing a Nylon catsuit, she pisses in a basin.


Self fisting

Anal explosion

The bitch plays with her cunt, I play with her ass.

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I shave my bitch's pussy and ass

I shave my bitch pussy and ass

As I wanted to lick her pussy and ass, I decided to do the job myself!


Footjob and cum

Footjob and cum

The bitch uses her feet. I spread my cum on her toes.


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Pissing like a dog

After the movie theatre, where I obliged her to be dressed as a whore, I've decided to go to the car park (near the theatre) and I ordered her to pee like a dog.


I piss on her ass

I piss on her ass

I ordered the bitch to piss in the bath. Then I ordered her to bend over and I pissed on her ass.


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Dirty schoolgirl

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Anal game

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Punished, whipped and fucked

Whipping, spanking, dildo fucking in both holes.

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Pissing on her feet

Pissing on her feet

The bitch was just sent in the kitchen and I ordered her to urinate on her feet.


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Footjob and cum

The bitch shows me her feet with knee-high tights to turn me on. I ordered a footjob, and she had my cum over her feet.


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One hour humiliation

Pussy clamped, hardly fucked in all holes, forced to suck and to swallow cum, the our ends with a piss.

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A cigar tube in the ass

Better than the Monicagate ! The bitch dressed as a french maid, plays with a cigar.


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No more battery

I wrote on the bitch's body "I love cock"... "I love dildo" would have been better. Her only mistake : she forgot to change the batteries, as she always use this dildo when I'm not at home, it was out!